Does insurance cover flood damage?

Water and flood damage are the most common natural disaster and most costly too.  If water damage is not tackled on emergency basis it may badly affect your property and ruin everything it comes in contact with.  Flood water contains not only debris but also waste material which is contaminated and can cause diseases. Dampness and humidity cause mold growth, which becomes very costly and health risk for all the family members.

The flood water severely affects the foundations of your house if not treated immediately. Water and flood damage need proper remediation treatment.

The flood damage restoration companies have licensed and expert in dealing with water damage properly. Their technicians use latest cleaning equipments and experienced in repairing and restoration, taking safety measures. They understand all types of water damage and know how to deal with the water situation.

One fact that everyone is aware of is that water flow and water damage can grow very fast and large flood are unavoidable. Once the things in your house, such as upholstery, carpets, wooden floors and drywall are flooded, it can spoil with mold growth. Large flood water damage needs more repair and restorations, means more cost and expensive for you. It is very stressful for a homeowner; whose property need reconstruction and he is not sure if his home insurance may cover some or all expenses.

If you are living in a flood zone area, you should take proper precautions to prevent water damage cost. Water damage may also be covered by insurance policy. And if you have taken national flood insurance, your flood insurance policy may cover your restoration and repair expenses.

Most policies cover damage which is sudden and inside the property. This include burst, frozen, faulty pipes. This also cover accidental overflow of an appliance or fixture, such as washing machine, dishwasher, toilet or bathtub. Water damage after extinguishing the fire and because of leaking roof is also covered by insurance policy. Rain and snow storm and mold after water damage may be covered.

But when you are residing in high-risk area prone to flooding, you will need to purchase special flood insurance policy.

You should get in touch with your insurance agent as soon as you find water damage in your house. Take pictures of affected area and damaged things. Make the list of every damage fixtures and accessories. If you have pictures of your affected area, before the water damage, find them and show them also to make the proper assessment.

The insurance company may ask you a lot of questions to decide either your policy covers your damage or not. The insurance company will send their representative for the assessment of damage. If something needs to be repair urgently, take pictures prior to repair and save the receipt to show for claim.

Let both contractor and construction insurance agent, evaluate the flood water damage and restoration cost. It is useful to compare both estimates for further negotiations with your insurance agent.