The engineering design process is the formulation of a plan to help an engineer build products with specific performance goals. This process involves a number of steps, and parts of the process may need to be repeated many times before the production of the final product can begin.

And today many applications support the technical design process. One of them is the AutoCAD application that is often used.

AutoCAD is one of the most widely used design applications by design specialists in the world and of course has advantages that make it that way compared to other design application programs that are widely used by architects.

One of these advantages can do the drawing and editing in AutoCAD very quickly and effectively because of the many commands or features and features provided. You don’t need to be afraid if you draw the wrong one because it will definitely be easy to fix it and adjust the picture according to client’s request. The resulting image also has a good precision or accuracy because it has a 13 digit precision level.

Drawing engineering designs with AutoCAD also does not need to worry about the amount of drawings that you make because AutoCAD has an unlimited field of drawing work. You want to draw a building scale project, environment, city and country you can do in AutoCAD.

Drawing with AutoCAD is very flexible and practical because images can be printed several times with different drawing scale sizes adjusted to the client’s request without having to redraw so that you won’t be bothered with any changing client requests.

In addition, you can also determine the images generated whether in the form of other files such as PDFs, images, etc., as well as promotional media, media presentations and work drawings that will be submitted to project workers for work. Please read the plotting guide in AutoCAD so that you can publish the image to another file.

For the principle of good image scaling in AutoCAD is not applied when drawing, but is applied when printing images. In the depiction of work in AutoCAD used the concept of depicting objects with the actual size. So when you draw the size of an object with a length of 100 in AutoCAD, then the size is made. what you need to pay attention to when drawing is the units that you use for drawing in AutoCAD. For more details to learn AutoCAD please go to the AutoCAD Tutorial.

The AutoCAD drawback is the expensive price. This application or software is quite expensive to use. Monthly subscription costs around $ 180. For beginners there are free student variants but of course there is a reduction in specifications and features and also a maximum limit of 3 years of use so you can’t use it to the full.

Also the high hardware requirements using AutoCAD require qualified laptop or computer specifications. If we refer to the computer’s standard specifications for running AutoCAD, the recommended specifications are quite high and certainly to buy it is quite expensive.

AutoCAD itself can now also be accessed via android. On Android itself, there are many similar applications with Autodesk’s software. The goal, so that android smartphone users can easily draw or design a 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional object with a CAD system without using a desktop device. This application initially provides a free 7 day trial of its premium version where you can use a series of sophisticated tools, ranging from designing, composing, and editing tools.