Things We’ve Lost and Found in the Internet Age

It is hard and painful to imagine a life without the Internet. When we hear stories from people about how they lived a life which was devoid of anything digital, we cannot help but thank our lucky stars for coming into this world later than most.
We may not have watched The Beatles perform live but who cares as long as we can hear their music at the swipe of a finger. We don’t have to keep VHS tapes, dial an operator or visit the travel agent. Merely thinking of these inconveniences makes us wonder that living to use the internet is a blessing after all.
Following are some things that we may have lost and gained in the Internet Age:


There was a time when phone numbers were recorded not in SIM or the smart phone memory but real books! They occupied a physical space in our lives unlike a bit of memory as they do today. It was also the time when people actually took the efforts to remember a phone number which in today’s date is considered to be a waste of time and effort.

Restaurant Reviews

There was a time when restaurant reviews were almost exclusively found in local guides. To know which restaurant served good food you actually had to flip through pages unlike the few swipes that can do the job today.
There were only a selected few who would review the restaurant and it’s food and you had no other option but to take their word on it. Now, you can consider the reviews of different individuals and then come to a conclusion whether you wish to dine at that restaurant or not.


Earlier when you wanted to watch a movie you would have to open the day’s newspaper and flip through the pages to find out the time at which the movie would be screened. A person actually had to drive down to the theatre to book the tickets.
These days the internet has enabled us to book movie tickets from the convenience of our homes. With internet in our lives we could finally say goodbye to long queues.


Earlier, landlines was the only machine you could use to hear the voice of a person who lives far away. With the internet, voice calls have become a norm. In fact, video calls are somewhat taking its place now. Besides the landlines, the only way you could transmit a message to someone was to post a telegram.
Now, sending a text to someone has become the easiest thing to do now with more than a hundred messaging applications. Besides the ability to communicate it has also become easier to find places. GPS applications can show us the route to different destinations. So, we no longer have to hold a large map in our hands or roll down the windows to ask someone for directions.


In the not-so-good old days, if a person had to obtain information on any topic they would have to take a trip to the local library. Pull out huge volumes and turn and scan each page of it to find what they were looking for. Can you even imagine searching for anything now without a search field?
Libraries are no longer our go-to point when we need to research on any topic. Internet has given us access to thousands of newspaper articles, databases, journals and any type of media in general.

Legal and Medical Advice

The only possible downside of having access to internet is that each person has become a doctor. Even if you sneeze in front of them they will throw at you the symptoms of ten different diseases that you could possibly have.
While it has definitely increased our paranoia, finding remedies for common illnesses has never been simpler. It has also made other things easier, such as writing a Will using a Will template which is only a Google search away.
After the internet came into our lives, a verb has been added to the dictionary and it is called ‘Google’. It has become a part of our vocabulary and with ‘Google this’ or ‘Google that’ it is perhaps the only name for the internet on everybody’s tongue.